Assistive Tech

With populations in many developed societies aging rapidly, an increasing number of senior citizens are suffering from various kinds of disabilities and cognitive disorders. Although governments around the globe are striving to improve access to care facilities for the elderly, supply falls far short of demand. The community is in imperative need to find innovative technological solutions that could allow senior citizens to live with dignity and improve their quality of life.

Our product, Ping On Fu (in Chinese 「平安呼」), is composed of a smart phone app and a radio remote control. When the user encounters an emergency, he/she could simply press the button on the remote control, which will transmit a Bluetooth signal to the app and triggers it to send a text message (SMS), with the user’s GPS location, to a designated contact, telling him/her that the user needs urgent assistance.


In recent years, the widespread adoption and falling prices make smartphones popular among the senior citizens. Many of them are already skilled in using smartphone apps in their daily lives. We aim to bring improved peace of mind to senior citizens and their families by synthesizing features that are commonly available of smartphones, enabling the users to send distress alerts immediately when they are endangered, helping them to feel at ease enjoying their golden years.